Great Ohio River Swim 2019 - Cancelled

We regret to announce that the Great Ohio River Swim has been cancelled due a harmful algal bloom in the Ohio River near Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Unfortunately, water quality has not improved since our postponement in September. Levels of harmful algae have continued to increase. Working with the agencies responsible for water quality testing and analysis, we have determined that the river will not be safe for our event on October 13.

Thank you for your patience through the rescheduling and cancellation this year. We invite you to join us next year for the 2020 Bill Keating, Jr. Great Ohio River Swim. We can easily forward your registration to next year's event. If you'd prefer a refund, simply email by October 31.

Since river conditions have been problematic for two years, our team will be considering earlier scheduling options for next year's Great Ohio River Swim to improve chances of a successful event. If you're able, please join us on October 11 to pick up your event shirt and cap at Fifty West Production Works, 3:00 - 6:00 pm.